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euroheating group

Euro Heating Group (EHG) was established in 2015 and is composed of five companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden and Finland. All members maintain the same quality standards of heat treatment services (ISO 9001, ISO 17663, EWF – 628r1 Heat Treatment of Welded Joints) using the latest technology for heat treatment processes. Our collaboration enables us to provide an extensive range of services to our customers, to cover large-scale projects and to operate across Europe and overseas.

EHG currently utilizes 53 operators, 101 portable heat treatment units and 32 annealing furnaces (including 6 modular furnaces and 1 gas furnace).



EHG Members

ARC-Heating s.r.o.
Domažlická 171
318 00 Plzeň, CZ
ARC-Heating SK s.r.o.
Flámska 10250/1A
036 01 Martin, SK
ARC-Heat Sp. z o.o.
ul. Dolomitowa 6
41 935 Bytom, PL
HeaTreat Services OY
Rydöntie 12A
203 60 Turku, FIN