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From a three-member team to a market leader

First-rate heat treatment services, design and development of annealing equipment for mobile use, collaboration with experts in the industry – everything we at ARC-Heating do is to improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

In 2007, when our company was established, we started working closely with the Finnish company Heatmasters and focused on individual services in the field of heat treatment, preheating, annealing, normalizing, quenching, hardness testing, etc.

And then we realized that what our customers need is a comprehensive solution that can meet their needs effectively not only in our production plants in the Czech Republic.

That is why we decided to work closely with international partners and experts at universities, participate in international projects, and increase our portfolio and the quality of our services. We are part of the Euro Heating Group (EHG), which includes experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

The result: a new modern plant for our headquarters and the development of portable six-channel heat treatment unit.

You can rely on a partner who offers superior annealing equipment.

Skilled and experienced employees
Portable units for heat treatment of metals
More than 100 portable annealing units within EHG
Stationary annealing furnaces + modular furnaces