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Six-channel unit for heat treatment developed after several years of research

HTT 40 Portable Unit SE

The rich experience and expertise in the field have triggered our need to develop our own portable annealing unit that would meet all requirements of our customers. After years of research, we are proud to present you with HTT 40 unit.

We have worked with various portable heat treatment units, but none comprised all the necessary functions, perfect control system and variability. That is why we worked closely with experts in the field and developed HTT 40 for portable annealing.

HTT 40 was designed to meet portability requirements while maintaining all necessary functions. Using the IceStar control system allows you to achieve optimum results for all heat treatment processes.

Portable Unit:

  • 6 control channels + 6 additional measuring points for independent or common processes
  • Option to connect up to 10 units to run a single heat treatment project
  • Easily operated via PC and IceStar control system
  • Optical and sound alarm to indicate any failures
  • Lockable smart box for a laptop and documents
  • 4 casters, 2 auxiliary sockets 230V, 3 lifting grips

Control System:

  • More precise measurements, minimum deviations in temperature measurements, automatic PID control
  • Continuous calculations give a great overview of each running process
  • All channels interconnected via an opto-isolator reducing the effect of external interference
  • Optional six additional measuring points

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